Versatile Rentals

We currently offer pre-loaded trucks, as well as additional supplies, expendables and pre-packed kits for office, PPE, Coffee and other needs.

For more information or to rent, please contact:

Dave Molleck – Head of LA Studio Operations
(310) 801-5230

cube truck
Versatile Cube Truck
versatile sprinter
versa sprinter
versatile rentals

Digital Capture

Visionary. Inspiring. Detail-obsessed.

We’ll admit we’re a little obsessive about digital capture. Maybe it’s because we’ve been involved with it since digital began – after cutting our teeth in the analog world, we were among the first to adopt, adapt, and see the potential of digital technology. And with experience of working with all aspects of digital production, we’re able to deliver the most uncompromisingly creative, efficient, and cost-effective way to realize your vision – anticipating challenges and offering solutions before they’re a problem. Whether we’re working from a studio in downtown New York or on location from a beach in Mexico, we’ve always got our eye on the big picture.

Customized digital capture stations

Full Range of 35mm & Medium

Format Camera Systems

On-set retouching & printing

Client specific workflow creation

Film stock & grain replication

Color management

File distribution & delivery