Support gives way to empowerment

written by Amy Frances Fraher

Support gives way to empowerment. Regardless of where the support comes from—a spouse, a boss, a friend—the support around you will ultimately become your greatest ally and allow you to prevail in whatever you endeavor.


      Two weeks ago I gave birth to my son at home. It is a statement that blows my mind, moves me to tears, makes me unbelievably grateful, and marks the end of a journey that was transformative, surprisingly fun, and overwhelmingly empowering. The agency I’ve had over my journey to motherhood and the birth itself was due entirely to the support system I chose to have around me. It started with my husband, and then we found Kat and Kimm at Heart Science Midwifery, and our doulas Yael and Elizabeth of Root and Spark. They knew innately what I was capable of, both physically and emotionally, and created the space and the framework for me to find my way. When questions arose or guidance was sought, it was available and freely given, at any hour of any day. Through this fortification I was able to reconnect to what I knew to be true – that I am fierce, I am capable, and in a place deep within me – that I have always known how to do this.

      Two years ago I started working at Versatile Studios. After thirteen years of working in this industry and looking for a fulfilling home, I had finally found it. Mike Dos Santos is the first person I have ever worked for who understands that effectively leading a company is only achieved by compassionately and competently managing its employees.  And managing people requires thoughtful hiring, listening with intent, and supporting the staff as they strive to take initiative and responsibility.

      Had it not been for the support and respect that came from the top down at VS and was echoed by the rest of the staff, my pregnancy would have been a much different experience. There was an immediate buzz of shared excitement and an intuitive understanding of how my role as managing director would evolve and transition throughout the course of my pregnancy. There were numerous gentle nudges from the staff for me to stay calm, rested, and focused, despite the fact that a lot was being asked of the production team, who all rose admirably to the occasion. Amongst the staff there exists an important appreciation for life outside of the office; for the things that we all need to do for our own balance and well-being, and of what offering (and accepting) support should look like.  This is how we as individuals are able to come together and support one another, embody our own empowerment, and successfully empower others. At its core, this is the ethos of Versatile.