Covid-19 Resource Guide


Plan Preventative Measures

All crew must wear PPE when traveling to set and immediately wash hands before entering the set.
Understand all requirements for cast, crew, and vendor entry onto set.
Plan for additional security and screening time at entry gates.
Schedule additional trips to abide by social distancing.

Limit vehicle capacity

Check with local state and city guidelines for restrictions on max group size. Typically groups are limited to 10 people.
Space out filled vehicle seats to allow for social distancing.

Assign Drivers

Assign a specific driver to each vehicle.

Self-reporting to set will be encouraged

When possible, have cast and crew use their own vehicles to avoid shuttling in groups.

Sanitize / Disinfect / Clean

Sanitize and disinfect vehicles when they’re picked up and after each drop off.
Keep Windows open for ample ventilation (weather permitting).

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