Capturing queerness and identity, Vic Lentaigne’s portfolio abounds in intimate portraiture



Photographer VIC LENTAIGNE

When Vic Lentaigne first tried out photography, she was instantly hooked. “I loved it,” she tells It’s Nice That. It was at the age of 14 during school that she was “lucky enough” to gain regular access to a darkroom, which meant she was freely able to work, develop and test out her process; she would enter into her “own world”, as she puts it, with her headphones in, spending hours in the dark “creating and experimenting when other people were doing maths lessons!”.

What’s more, photography served as her own remedial form of therapy; Vic has ADHD, so photography and her stints spent in the darkroom were her own creative outlet and means of letting go, not adhering to any strict tools or sitting at a desk, which was “so rewarding”.

Now, the London-based photographer spends her time taking intimate portraits of the queer community, which includes a recent shoot where she documented the love of lesbian couples in the City over the course of Pride Month, plus various other evocative shots of intriguing subjects and people from the music industry. Her client list is just as impressive as her personal endeavours, including brands such as Louis Vuitton, Nike, Pat McGrath Labs, British Fashion Council, Business of Fashion, Art School London, Wonderland magazine, Hunger, Clash and Notion.

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